Datsun 610 for sale

Im selling my 74 wagon for the same price with a buuunnnccchhh of extra parts, including 2 ZX five speeds and an extra JDM L He needs to sell that for half what hes starting out at. This car is sick.

I have never seen a European example, not even when I was stationed in Germany. I saw one Datsunthats it. Check out the instrumentation, English! What a find. I hope to see it restored correctly and in pictures soon. Why are you selling it??. It is a nice project, wagons are cool. Plenty of potential. The only needed parts to give it that cool touch are the non US bumpers, front valance, fenders and grille.

Yup I've seen this for sale off and on over the last 6 mo or so. At least I think it is, same color, but the wheels seem different than my memory. EDIT- just clicked both ads, man those wheels are an improvement!!!

datsun 610 for sale

I check all the time in NE! You need to stop this jaimesix I have been thinking about getting a two door, and now you post this?! This would be the front end I would want for a possible car in the future. No, no, no convincing me to get one, its a matter of where I would put it. I want the done first and "Fred" the rusty parts car has to be on the big tow truck to the junkyard in the sky, a reasonable mourning period maybe a day, tops and back out on the hunt.

Zerow, you know it, I do not have to post these pictures to stress the good looks Datsun 's have. This picture shows the way wagons AND cars no need to choose, both look alikeobviously at the front of this kind are supposed to look, and look worldwide. The US implemented those "park bench ' bumpers that defaced most Datsuns of the era.

The escaped this assault, it disappeared from the market when park bench bumpers appeared.

Imagine a with logs as bumpers:rolleyes:. I understand the dilemma about getting another cool Datsun Wagons are under rated, and I think wagons are cool, and cool and wagons are unusual, which makes them more appealing. Plenty of space for extras. Little Zerow would love the extra space in a wagon, like I did back when I was a kid, he would claim the rear section of the wagon as his place.

Still there are nice Datsuns running around, many in the hands of unsuspecting "Datsun Science" ignorant mortals. Got lie in wait behind the bushes untill one drives through and then seize the opportunity proceeding to broker the driver with a few hundred dollars untill he complies or complies Too much stuff left to get rid of, would rather sell as a unit.

I have it posted for sale in another thread here. By using this site, you agree to our Terms of Use.Search Deals Studies. Cars for Sale. Used Datsun for Sale. Buying a Used Vs. Most Popular Car Colors. Cars People Keep the Longest. See more studies X Message:. Category: Used Cars. Dealer Rating:. Location: Valley Park, MO Location: Fredericksburg, TX Location: Delray Beach, FL Location: Indianapolis, IN Location: Saint Charles, MO Get email alerts for price drops and new listings matching this search.

Would you like to view the latest search results? Zip Code Required X. What is the average price for Used Datsun ? How many are for sale and priced below market? Keep me posted on new listings X.Certainly, when a brand is down on its heels, like Cadillac was before it reinvented itself with its Arts and Science look, it may be the right and best strategy to take a bold new direction.

How about the other extreme, of a maker suddenly tossing out all the glowing brand equity a highly successful model has just cultivated? And Datsun was never quite the same again. It appears that Japan was not immune to the effects of the Great Brougham Epoch, which sent it s ripples of influence across the globe from America. Europe was relatively more resistant, although not wholly so, especially in places like England. But in Japan, the GBE was practically a tsunami, as we saw in the Corona with its vinyl top and other affectations.

But at least with Toyota, the styling changes were a bit more incremental, although Toyota had some wild stylistic flings too in the seventies. But Datsun? It seems as if one day all the whole design department was fired, and a bunch of kids hanging out Ginza were rounded up and sent to take their place.

The fact was that Japan was finally coming into its own in terms of an indigenous design school. Pininfarina was very involved with the new Corona of as well as designing the Datsun predecessor, the above ; and Bertone was responsible for the lovely Mazda Luce. But by the or so, Japan was ready to express itself, and like a kid given the drafting table and crayons.

And the results were a bit uneven, but highly memorable. And Datsun was the most drastic of the bunch. The had zilch in common with the CC hereexcept of course under the skin.

It was an enlarged platform, but with all of the key components that made the so brilliant and successful: the L-Series OHC four, and the semi-trailing arm IRS. But it was a substantially larger and heavier car, which was of course inevitable. But the target for the had changed too; it was now being billed as The Luxury Datsun, one dangerously small step away from a Brougham indeed.

Consider the the first Infiniti. The typical Datsun workhorse, but not a budget BMW But it was set up for an altogether different mission: to capture the sweet spot of the American markets, where the profits ran as thick as a juicy Porterhouse steak: American mid-sized buyers who suddenly were spooked by the energy crisis.

The whole thing was like a slow-motion tsunami that swept the country from California, although not exactly in a perfectly linear fashion.

1974 Datsun 610 Sedan

I believe the early versions came with the cc engine, but that was soon enlarged to ccs to try to keep some semblance of perkiness.

As quirky and different as the looked, it has its fans. Actually, I have a real soft spot for seventies Japanese design, and the coupe, with a bit of cleaning up, is really quite a nice example of the breed. And it evokes so many wild Nissans to come, like the Skyline.

The four door sedan: not so much so. But even it looks sober compared to the psychedelic F ALL the aprentices at the power station I worked at seemed to buy these called here a B I can remember towing many home with blown head gaskets a problem datsun kept having into the late 80s they were terrible cars prone to rust. There was an attempt to make a SSS hotrod version like the cc model but it didnt succeed the was called the B ie a wiyh 20 more mistakes absolutely awful cars out here The boxy was a great car good rally car etc but that was the last good one from then on Datsuns were crap.

I remember reading years ago about some famous person pretty sure it was Paul Newman who used to race Datsun s, and at about the same time I had also read how the was a great car and was cool and blah blah, having no clue what a was.

Because I had no idea what a looked like, I assumed it looked like one of these puffy-looking turds. Where the was cool and trim and Newman-worthy this is fat and frumpy. Actually Paul the direct ancestor of this is not the boxy its really the j Violet which was made earlier and shares many styling cues did NA not get that one, if you see the 2 of them you will see what I mean I think it was a UK model but NZ got em.

My lust was unrequited. I ended up getting aor Datsun as we knew it. You got a better car Davo than the these were good and even though the body wobbled like a jelly at km on a cattle grid were quite well made 3 of us drove a all over far Norty Qld in 85 including up the cape trib road it didnt like that though the car was stuffed at the end of the trip and was dumped in Cairns. Something I wonder about affectations like vinyl tops on Japanese cars of the seventies is how much it presaged a shift in the way the cars were actually sold.

In the sixties and early seventies, they tended to be imported as fully equipped models, with commonly ordered accessories rolled into the purchase price as a buyer enticement. If you limit factory options — as Honda still does — dealers have to resort to adding their own accessories, which can be profitable, but requires additional labor for installation, additional overhead, etc.The ZR was one […].

datsun 610 for sale

The Pick of the Day is a 2-door version of the car that helped establish the Japanese automaker in America. Classic Datsun Vehicles for Sale. Classifieds for Classic Datsun Vehicles. New listings are added daily. Now showing page 1 of 7. By Nissan phased out the Datsun name in the United States later to relaunch it as its brand for low-cost vehicles targeted at emerging markets.

Browse Category. Search Tools. Set an Alert. Had this car for 22 years. This car ha Auction Vehicle. Vehicle Condition Grade 4. This is a mint condition Datsun Wagon from Southern California. Vehicle Condition Grade 5. This is an amazing matching numbers Datsun z. A full nut and bolt res Original California Z? Contact Seller. This Datsun ZX runs great with its original fuel injected engine.

It looks good too with pinstri This is an extremely well done BRE Tribute race car with no There's this great sweet spot where your vintage car also offers value and dependability.

This Refine Search. The Pick of the Day looks to be in solid condition at a fair price. The Pick of the Day represents the final version of the original Japanese sports coupe. Pick of the Day is a Datsun pickup with celebrity history. Pick of the Day being offered by same dealership that sold it to previous owner.Welcome to ForSale. The Datsun is a historical automobile that is collectible today by both racing rally and classic car enthusiasts. Made by Nissan from toits short timeframe on the market and limited production numbers makes it a rare find.

This is especially true for the buyer looking for a quality It is common to find the for sale on Craigslist and eBay and there are scattered resources online for modifications, repair and restoration. The goal is also to collectively pool resources and include information about parts, repair, aftermarket mods and OEM restorations. Thank you for visiting the site and please Contact Us with any questions. Stripped down to chassis. Car come with doors,hood,trunk lid x2. Also front and rear cross member.

datsun 610 for sale

I have all components that came off the car. It has no engine or […]. This vehicle was on property I just bought. It has been sitting in a field for at least 15 years. No front wheels. Body is intact otherwise with no major defects. A10 series, […]. Needs some rest repair Datsun 2 door. Needs some rust repair, runs and shifts amazing 4 cyl 5 speed. Attention: Car will NOT be sold with grip royal steering wheel.

OEM steering wheel will be replaced before being sold. The car has had some work done to it while in my hands. I have […]. Today it is not only the most common but the safest practice to buy a used from an area on the West Coast or Southern States. The following are great locations to find prestine Datsun s. These are just recommended locations to find a rust-free body.

It is possible to find very clean Datsun cars all over North America. Check out our classifieds section to see the current listings. Honda f20c — rebuilt head, tuned, approx k miles on block. Running hondata ecu. VTEC tuned to engage at Upgrade stock ecu to a tunable mega squirt ecu with cc injectors.Henryka Reymana Wisla Plock Legia Warsaw Legia Warsaw vs.

Bundesliga Kaiserslautern Kaiserslautern vs.

Used Datsun 510 for Sale

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datsun 610 for sale

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Browse All 1973 Datsun 610

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